"Keeping you and the planet beautiful"

Our Mission is conscious consumerism. 

The Lavender Elephant mindful boutique experience offers goods and services that help minimize the harmful impacts consumerism has on our lovely planet.

Our Process minimizes waste.

We source our materials from vintage, lightly worn, liquidated and deadstock to restore, reform and reinvent consumer goods. Clients have the option to utilize our on-site design services including tailoring, alterations, and made-to-order garments. 

Our Vibe welcomes you.

Our mindful boutique environment is designed to make you feel at home. We welcome conversations that harvest positive insights on how we can positively impact consumer industries. We want you to leave feeling hopeful and more knowledgeable.​​

Our Goods are good for the soul AND good for the planet.


When exploring our clothing racks you'll notice that no one item is exactly alike. We enjoy curating classics and funky statement pieces to spice things up. Some garments are sold as is and other re-designed on site. And because of our Thread Exchange program and textile sourcing practices, we have a large textile inventory that we utilize when designing our craft collections and custom orders. Be sure to check out our outdoor hemp collection.



Custom designed upcycled jewelry sourced from eclectic vintage finds and interesting cultural textiles curated internationally direct from artisans.



We don't hide our love for quirky knickknacks like necessary tiny porcelain figurines and framed vintage needlework. Of course, a homey environment must include rattan furniture and eclectic furniture you won't find at Ikea. 



We love the outdoors so much, why not bring the outside in!? We sell easy care and expert care potted plants to help you start your very own indoor plant addiction. Yes, we've supported the plant lady movement before it was cool. 



We also provide you with tools to be more sustainable, like sweater combs and zero waste glass straws, fabric napkin sets, reusable face wipes and more! 



Be prepared to chat about essential oils (hence our name, is not because of the color lavender but because of our owners love for aromatherapy. We like to say we help you be you...with smudge sets, crystals, feather wands, essential oil rollers and more!



Because people are often inspired by our retail experience, we've offer custom Eco-DIY kits sourced transparently to get you the best bang for your buck, longevity with least impact on our environment. Our most popular DIY kits include Barnwood holders, Aromatherapy rollers, Terrariums, Dreamcatchers, and Smudge Sets.